Some Options for Your Personalized Towels

Towels can be divided into many different types. By materials, there are cotton towels, microfiber towels and bamboo-cotton towels Basically. By application, it can be divided into bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, face towels, golf towels, gym towels, kitchen towels, cleaning towels, tea towels and so on. If you tell them by production technology, there are plain woven towels, dobby towels, jacquard towels, velour towels and printed towels.

Here i’m going to introduce some most commonly used personalized towels

Towel with Embroidered Logoembroidered-towel


Towels with embroidered logo are the most popular options for promotional towels. You basically can embroidery on all kinds of towels. And you can have several different colors for each embroidery Logo. It’s more economical and convenient comparing with other types. A small size embroidery will only cost you several cents in most case. And MOQ of Embroidery is much smaller than other types. If you only need several hundreds piece of towels, embroidery will be the best options for you.

Towel with Printed Logoscreen-printed-towel


Towels with printed logo are widely used for a personalized beach towels and bath towels. Usually front side of towels will be sheared before screen printing. This lead to a soft hand of a printed towels, meanwhile the sheared towel have a shorter life than others. Printed Logo have a higher resolution than embroidery or jacquard Logo. And color of printing can be done exactly as per your requirement. If you have very colourful design, screen printed towels will be the only options. In A Plus Textiles, we can print as many as 14 colors for each design.

Towel with Embossed LogoJacquard-hand-towel-2


Towel with embossed Logo was produced by jacquard loom. This kind of towels were widely used a hotel towels in white color with a embossed hotel name. The embossed towels can be dyed into other colors as well. Usually embossed towels are made from ply yarn for a better durability.

Towels with Color-woven Logocolor-woven-towel


Towels with color-woven Logo was made from dyed yarn. We also call it yarn dyed jacquard weaving towels, which are produced on jacquard loom. We’re able to produce elaborate designer by jacquard woven with two color or more. Your logo will be weaving into the fabric, and towel become a decorative items other than a cleaning tools. Color-woven towels is more expensive to produce, as the machinery is complex to operate and costly to build. All of this make towels with color-woven logo a luxury personalized towels.

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