How to Care for Towels

For New Towels

Please wash your newly buyed towels before use.No need to use any other softer or detergent. Cleaning water will be good enough.Towels could be carried with a lot of dust and tiny fibre during the production. And there are aslo some color maters on the surface which could be easily taken off after several washing. If you wash a lot of towels together, do separate the white ones and colored ones.

Keep Your Towels Cleaning

If you don’t cleaning your towels frequently, it will lead to a stiff surface and bacteria bloom. So we suggest everyone should keep several pieces for daily use and keep each piece try and clean. Towels will be more durable and always keep soft.

If you get some gift towels and don’t use them right away. It’s better to wash them one time before keep them in drawer in rolls.

How to Dry Your Cotton Towels

If you pay attentions on the way of drying towels, you can keep it soft for a long time.
After tumble dry or hand dry, please pull the four corner of towels to keep the surface flat. Then put it in a ventilating place. If there is no freely circulating air, the towels could become stiffer after dry.

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