Some Options for Your Personalized Towels

Towels can be divided into many different types. By materials, there are cotton towels, microfiber towels and bamboo-cotton towels Basically. By application, it can be divided into bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, face towels, golf towels, gym towels, kitchen towels, cleaning towels, tea towels and so on. If you tell them by production technology, there are plain woven towels, dobby towels, jacquard towels, velour towels and printed towels.

Here i’m going to introduce some most commonly used personalized towels (more…)

How to Care for Towels

For New Towels

Please wash your newly buyed towels before use.No need to use any other softer or detergent. Cleaning water will be good enough.Towels could be carried with a lot of dust and tiny fibre during the production. And there are aslo some color maters on the surface which could be easily taken off after several washing. If you wash a lot of towels together, do separate the white ones and colored ones.


What Are the Different Kinds of Towels?

The term “towel” covers a variety of fabrics and sizes, but in general, it is designed to assist with cleanup. As such, a towel is usually made from an absorbent material, and it is intended to be washed, potentially in hot water and bleach to remove bacteria. Care directions vary, depending on the material used, but as a general rule, they should not be left damp for an excessive period of time, and they should be washed frequently to discourage the growth of bacteria. Three essential characteristics dictate what type of towel one is: the materials used, size, and the intended use.